November Remembrance Service Livestreamed

During the month of November, we remember our deceased loved ones in a special way. 

Unfortunately, this year, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to gather in person. Instead, the parish will livestream the November Remembrance Service on Saturday 7th November at 7pm.

You and your family are warmly invited to join us via the livestream as we pray for your loved ones and remember all who have died during the year. The Service will be broadcast through the Parish website or   www.churchservices. tv/maryimmaculateoblates

The name of your loved ones will be inscribed in the November Altar list of Deceased.

Those who have died over the past year will also be prayed for at Mass on the Fridays of November, livestreamed at 10am.

Though we need to weep your loss/ you dwell in that safe place in our hearts/ where no storm or night or pain can reach you/ your love was like the dawn, brightening over our lives. Death of the Beloved by John O’Donohue