Communal Celebration of Reconciliation

Wednesday, 23rd December at 10am

We prepare for Christmas in many ways, getting the right gifts for our loved ones, preparing our homes to look festive and welcoming, clearing out things in order to make room for decorations (some old and some new). Likewise, we are invited in Advent to prepare the way for the Lord… to clear out the clutter and the debris that accumulate in our hearts and minds as we go through life. The Sacrament of Reconciliation offers us the grace to let go of what stops us from truly welcoming Jesus as our Lord, our friend and our Saviour. In celebrating this sacrament, we receive a big hug from God, assuring us that all is well, that his peace and love is always with us.

We are offering a parish-wide Reconciliation Service on Wednesday, 23rd December at 10am.

The communal service is an opportunity for all to join together in asking for forgiveness and healing during this important time of the year. The service will be livestreamed in the presence of the blessed sacrament.

All are invited to join with our Inchicore faith community to reflect on our lives through Scripture readings and songs followed by an examination of conscience.

Image from Oblates