“Building Hope” – Our Pastoral Area approach

…begin to reflect on how best to respond to the pastoral situation in which we find ourselves. It is very
clear that the future will not look like the past.

Archbishop Farrell

Following on Archbishop’s Pastoral letter we are all being invited as a parish community to reflect on the reality of where we are as a parish in terms of Faith, Servant Leadership, Social Justice outreach, and a Welcoming Community. These are the four areas that the Diocese has identified us to look at and to recognise what we do well and what needs support and strengthening. Another essential discernment is our parish’s ability to be sustainable in terms of people, funds, and care of the property entrusted to us. Where do we see ourselves in a few years’ time? The Pastoral Area Newsletter for June raises many issues for us to be aware of – key among them is that we will be moving into a time when there may be only ONE priest to serve the Pastoral Area of three churches/parishes. This would be done with employed lay people as Pastoral Associates working as a Pastoral Area team.

Be Safe. Be Blessed

Image from Oblates