Novena Prayer and Leaflet.

ASH WEDNESDAY CARDS: In the church we have some special cards with ashes on it. You are welcome to take one during the First Week of Lent. They will be blessed on Ash Wednesday at our 10am Mass online in both parishes. Place the card in prominent place to remind everyone in the house or carry it with you.

SOIL FROM THE EARTH or ASHES FROM THE HEARTH: If you cannot get out of the house, you can take a spoonful of soil (earth) from the garden or some ash from your fireplace and have it on a dish in your home. We will bless these together during the Wednesday Mass.

DRY LEAF or SMALL PEBBLE: Find a leaf or stone and carry it with you as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of life or the strength we discover when we hold on to God as our holy ground