Baptism is the first Sacrament that sets us on a lifelong faith journey. It marks the beginning of the Christian journey of faith and formal acceptance into the Christian community. It is an important step in the life of a child and in the life of an adult who can also request baptism. It is also a day of joyous celebration for your family, friends and for the Church community. We are happy to assist you with the paperwork and preparation for this special occasion.

Step 1

Fill out the Infant Baptism Request Form by downloading the Form below or by calling into the Parish Office for Baptism Request Form.

Baptisms are held on a Saturday at 12:30pm.

Step 2

If you live outside the Inchicore-Bluebell Pastoral area please provide a letter from your Parish Priest granting permission for your child to be baptised outside your own Parish.

Step 3

Please return the Baptism Request form, the letter from your own parish (if required) with the infant’s original birth certificate to the Parish Office.

What happens next?

You will be contacted by a member of our Baptism Team to arrange a meeting in preparation for Baptism.


You are asked to choose godparents who will be a good influence for your child.

What are the requirements for being a Godparent?

A Godparent must:

  • be Catholic (at least one of the godparents)
  • be over 16 years of age
  • be a practicing Catholic who has been Confirmed

There is no charge for Baptism. However, the parish does have a lot of expenses, with the upkeep of the church, lighting, heating and administrative costs. Parents too have a lot of expenses, especially with the arrival of a new member into the family. To share the burden, and not place it on parents’ shoulders, a basket will be left out and at the end of the baptism ceremony and there will be an invitation to all to give a donation, if they so wish.

You can download this page here

Baptismal Request Form

Please contact the Parish Office on 01-453 4408 extension 203 or