Canal Walk – ‘How Lovely is your dwelling place’ Psalm 84

Canal Walk –  Saturday 22nd September 2018. Come along! 

At this time of year (September 1st-October 4th) churches worldwide give thanks and reflect on the wonder, beauty and mystery of God’s creation. ‘Walking together’ is the theme of this year’s Season of Creation, symbolising our journey/ pilgrimage to better care of creation.

In keeping with this theme, you are invited to join the parishioners of St Michael’s on a Canal Walk, where we will walk, chat, see and reflect on the beauty of our natural environment. This will take place on Saturday, 22nd September. We will meet at 10.30am at the 3rd Lock (Black Horse Inn). Hopefully the weather will be favourable and we will walk along the canal bank as far as Adamstown. (No penalties if anyone drops out earlier). Wear suitable footwear and bring some refreshments for the journey. Tell your friends. Spread the word. All are welcome.

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